Rabbeted Floor Plate Covers

Rabbeted floor plate covers from Gerhardt Christensen A/S are made to measure and in the following standard sizes:

  • 660 x 820 mm
  • 1200 x 1.000 mm
  • 1320 x 820 mm

Rabbeted covers are available for concreting in or bolting on.

GC covers are always equipped with a safety support for the lid to avoid unintentional closing when work is carried out at the cover. Furthermore, the covers are equipped with external handles and padlock fittings.

Example 1:

overfalset-doerkpladedaeksel1Rabbeted floor plate cover

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Example 2:

overfalset-doerkpladedaeksel2Rabbeted floor plate cover with insulated lid

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Example 3:

overfalset-doerkpladedaeksel3Rabbeted floor plate cover
– with ventilated lid
– with single and double lid

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Example 4:

overfalset-doerkpladedaeksel4Rabbeted floor plate cover at emergency exit
– insulated
– fire-proofed
– self-opening

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Example 5:

overfalset-doerkpladedaeksel5Rabbeted floor plate cover
– with hinged safety grid

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Example 6:

overfalset-doerkpladedaeksel6Rabbeted floor plate cover at stairwell
– condensation insulated
– spring assisted
– vent cap
– safety grid and railing

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