For wells and other structures, where safe ladders are required, we provide a sturdy, welded steel ladder.

The ladder is made with solid side members of flat iron and anti-slip steps.

The standard model is designed for bolting onto an even wall with 8 – 10 mm wall ties, but we also manufacture ladders for mounting on curved walls, e.g. in a round well.
We can supply safety cages, handrails etc. for all types of ladders.
Length: To order.

MaterialStep widthDistance between steps
VFZ – Steel400 mm300/250 mm
Stainless steel400 mm300/250 mm
Aluminium400 mm300/250 mm
Fibreglass430/370 mm250 mm

The fibreglass ladders are:

Free from corrosion.
Can withstand temperatures:
– 30 degr. C to + 70 degr. C


AISI 316


Extenders for access (Aid during ascent).
Safety cage
Hoistable (The lower part of the ladder can be raised so it does not need to be in the substance).