Drop / Regulating Gate

Drop gate Type 5

This type is suitable for regulating and blocking in a tank, reservoir, lake or similar.
3-sided seal with 2 vertical lip seals and 1 horizontal lip seal.
Type 5 is suitable as regulating gate in untreated sewage.
When the water is to pass the gate, it is lowered and the the water will run over the gate plate.
The gate plate slides in a guideway from open to closed position and at the same time, the seals on the 3 sides are active from open to closed position. This design ensures that all water passes over the gate plate.
The drop gates are produced with inside measure = B up to 6,000 mm and in heights = H up to 4,000 mm.
Pressure from front and rear sides.
The gate frame is either bolted directly onto concrete or onto a concreted-in frame with threaded inserts.

Material: Frame and gate plate of stainless steel.
The drop gates are available with 1 or 2 spindles.
The drop gates are available with non-rising spindle (spindle nut on the gate plate) or with rising spindle.
Rising spindle is easier to service (easier to lubricate) than a non-rising spindle.
The drop gates can be operated by hand or by drives.

Example 1

Regulating gate for treatment plant
– built-in slide gate
Pressure: 0.9 mVs
Drive: AUMA MATIC with right-angle gear

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Example 2

Reguleringsspjæld til renseanlæg
– motorstyret overløbsspjæld
med skumskærm.
Tryk: 0,6 mVs
Drev: BJ – vinkelgear med stop kontakt.

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Example 3

Double regulating gate
for regulating the water level in Sjaelsoe (lake).
Drive: 2 pcs. of AUMA-regulating drive

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Example 4

Sænkespjæld til forrenseanlæg
– med 2 spindler.
Tryk: 0,6 mVs
Drev: AUMA MATIC med vinkelgear

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Example 5

Drop gate for treatment plant
Drive: Right-angle gear operated by hand

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Example 6

Reguleringsspjæld til havneanlæg
Tryk: 2,8 mVs

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Example 7

Regulating gate for treatment plant
Pressure: 0.6 mVs
Drive: BJ – right-angle gear with limit switches

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