GC Modular

Grating Hinged grates for overflow structures

We supply hinged grates and adjustable overflow edges for overflow structures, made from stainless, acid-resistant, or hot-dip galvanized steel.

To ease the work of the engineer, we have developed the hinged grates into a modular system.
The grates are installed easily and trouble-free using our installation instructions.

GC modular grating is extremely user-friendly and is cleaned from ground level by lifting the grates, divided into modules of approx. 1 meter, and let them drop back down again. This removes 80% of matter from the grate. The remaining matter is removed by flushing.

This can all be carried out through a cover from the top of the structure.

Eccentric locking bolts prevent the grates from being opened at the wrong time.

Design: The modular grating is made from 30 x 5 flat steel with a bar pitch of 20mm. It is possible to integrate a foam edge and overflow edge with a grating system.


Overflow Structure with Recessed Covers and GC Modular Grating

GC Modular Grating

Inside measure:

6,000 x 700 mm.
Bar pitch:
20 mm.



400 kN. Class D 400.

Inside measure:

6,000 x 1,100 mm.


Hot-dip galvanized steel.


Safety support for the lid.
Spring assisted lids.
Opening force 10 – 20 kg.
Locking bolts.
Floating frame.
Safety grid and railing.
Lock box for padlock.


Aarhus Council
Overflow Structure Hasselager
Aarhus, Denmark.