Our engineers have great experience in designing the tasks and calculating in order to meet the regulatory norms and requirements as for strength, environmental and durability under extreme conditions.

Accumulated experience for many years with a lot of different tasks within the environment of clean water and waste water has given us the capability of solving problems, which you might have within the area.

Our team of engineers offers consulting when designing new solutions, where experience and creativity are determinant factors for a good solution. So, please, contact us should you want to know more:

  • Covers in footpaths, parking places, roads, harbor areas, air ports etc
  • Covers and gates for blocking and regulating the water level in tanks, basins , settling tanks, pump sumps , lakes and others
  • One-way flaps to avoid return flow in pipes
  • Grid screens for overflow plants (construction)
  • Ladders for wells

Price pr. Hour: DKK 750 excl. vat