Durable and Functional Solutions

The solutions from Gerhardt Christensen A/S are tailored to meet individual demands for functionality. Our engineers are very experienced in calculating and dimensioning projects to satisfy regulatory standards and requirements with regards to both strength, environment and durability under extreme conditions.

All solutions are thoroughly tested prior to final handover. Based on many years of experience facing numerous challenges in the areas of environment, clean water, and sewage, we are capable of solving any task.

To a great extend we act as advisors and partners during development of entirely new solutions, where experience and creativity are critical to a successful outcome.

We are proud to be used as a yardstick for quality. That reputation carries an obligation and we are prepared to do anything to keep it up.


Manhole covers for footpaths, parking lots, roads, docks, airports etc. Unique spring assist system reduces the opening force to 10 – 15 kg for covers with lids weighing up to 2,000 kg

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Slide gates

Gates for blocking and regulating water levels in tanks, reservoirs, treatment plants, pump stations, lakes etc. with optional fitting of automatic control and safety functions.

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One-way flaps

Non-return flaps to prevent return flow in pipelines. Durable solutions for new plants and replacement of existing non-return flaps. Quick and safe installation.

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Service + installation

In case you should want installation of covers, gates, sluice gates or one-way flaps, or should you need installation of other equipment, just call us, we should like to receive your call.

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Our engineers have great experience in designing the tasks and calculating in order to meet the regulatory norms and requirements as for strength, environmental and durability under extreme conditions.

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