Gerhardt Christensen A/S can supply a number of different types of gates used for regulating and blocking in lakes, reservoirs, tanks etc. There are a number of deciding factors at play when selecting the right solution, e.g. size, pressure, tightness, functionality, operation, service and more. We therefore place importance on providing the best advice to our clients before they choose a solution. In many cases we are “in the field” to analyse conditions and compare wishes and requirements for the solution.

Blocking Gate

AfspæringsskodThere are 2 types of blocking gates. A fixed gate with a built-in regulating gate, which is the most inexpensive, and a plank gate with a gate plate, made in one piece or in planks.

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Slide Gate

SkydespjældSlide gates are made in different designs and for different purposes.

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Pivot gate

VippespjældPivot gates are used where blocking of flowing water is required, e.g. a sewer, and where it is not possible to place the drive operating the gate above the water line.

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Drop / Regulating Gate

sænke-/reguleringsspjældLow-cost solution, which sealing-wise performs best in untreated sewage.

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Slide Valve

SkydeventilSlide valves are used where a pipeline needs blocking

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