Choice of Material

Lids are made from quintet aluminium floor plates of a sea-water-resistant quality as per EN AW-5754-AlMg3

The cover frame can be made from the following materials:
Steel St37 hot-dip galvanized as per DS/EN ISO 1461-1999 and stainless steel AISI 304 or AISI 316.


For safety reasons, the covers are always equipped with a safety support for the lid, preventing unintentional closing when work is carried out at the cover.
Furthermore, the covers are equipped with external handles and padlock fittings.

Apart from the standard equipment, additional equipment for the cover should be chosen based on the location and function of the cover.

The type of cover is determined from Table 3


A rabbeted cover with aluminium lid and galvanized frame, inside measure 800 x 1,000 mm (hinged side 800 mm), load 200 kg and no spring assist since the opening force is approx. 8 kg and so does not exceed current requirements.

TypeLysningMaterialeBelastningFjederaflastningEkstra udstyr
OF800 x 1000AS2 KNingenTabel 3

Dækslet forsynes med indvendige håndtag i låg (for lejder) og får typebetegnelsen:

OF – 080 x 100 – AS – 2kN – L – H

Arbejdstilsynets krav er, at åbnekraften i Danmark ikke må overstige 11 kg.
Yrkesinspektionens krav er, at åbnekraften i Sverige ikke må overstige 20 kg.