Fixed Gate / Regulating Gate

Blocking gate Type 1

is a low-cost gate, which sealing-wise performs best in untreated sewage. This type is suitable for temporary blocking, where drainage is necessary in order to service a machine or similar. Seal: The gate plate slides in a PP – guideway. The gate frame can be concreted in or bolted on.
If the gate frame is concreted in flush with the bottom of the canal, the guideway must be cleaned prior to placement of the gate plate.
The gate plate is in one piece.

Material: Stainless steel or aluminium.
If there are several similar blockings, the same gate plate can be used in all guideways.




Fixed gate:

Type 1
Inside measure: 600 x 1,300 mm

Regulating gate:

Type 5
Inside measure: 600 x 600 mm
Regulation: 600 mm


Operated by hand.


Stainless steel AISI 304.


Used at millpond for regulating water levels in connection with fish ladder.


Karmak Mill.